Friday, December 18, 2009

Cook Book

A few weeks ago Sebastian came home with a recipe card that needed to be filled out with a favorite holiday recipe. We filled it out and sent it back to school excited to get the book for Christmas. He left his backpack at school yesterday so we brought it home last night after the Christmas program (which will get it's own post later). In the rush of getting every one in bed I didn't check his pack until this morning. I was excited to look through it but had to get to school and then help with his party this morning. Mrs. Amanda pulls me aside and asked if I had read Sebastian's entry in the cook book. During school they asked each child for a favorite dish and instructions; they then typed up what they said and included it in the recipe book. Of course now I'm dying because I never know what she's going to tell me when I pick him up. She hands me an extra copy and I read:

Student: Sebastian
Favorite food: Roast beef (news to me)
Instructions: Mix hot chicken, roast pickles and hot chocolate. Cook it for 10 minutes. You have to put it outside of your house to cool off. When you bring it inside you have to dust off the snow because we're humans and we don't eat snow.

Apparently the explanation continued but each child had a limited amount of space. At least I don't have to explain when we're in Utah that we don't eat snow because it's nasty... he's got that down!

Monday, December 7, 2009

makes me happy...

Mom: Buddy, do you believe in Santa Clause?

Buddy: I think I believe in Jesus.

I'm grateful for the tender heart of a 4 year old that understands what the Christmas season truly means. Of course he "still wants Santa to come visit".