Friday, December 18, 2009

Cook Book

A few weeks ago Sebastian came home with a recipe card that needed to be filled out with a favorite holiday recipe. We filled it out and sent it back to school excited to get the book for Christmas. He left his backpack at school yesterday so we brought it home last night after the Christmas program (which will get it's own post later). In the rush of getting every one in bed I didn't check his pack until this morning. I was excited to look through it but had to get to school and then help with his party this morning. Mrs. Amanda pulls me aside and asked if I had read Sebastian's entry in the cook book. During school they asked each child for a favorite dish and instructions; they then typed up what they said and included it in the recipe book. Of course now I'm dying because I never know what she's going to tell me when I pick him up. She hands me an extra copy and I read:

Student: Sebastian
Favorite food: Roast beef (news to me)
Instructions: Mix hot chicken, roast pickles and hot chocolate. Cook it for 10 minutes. You have to put it outside of your house to cool off. When you bring it inside you have to dust off the snow because we're humans and we don't eat snow.

Apparently the explanation continued but each child had a limited amount of space. At least I don't have to explain when we're in Utah that we don't eat snow because it's nasty... he's got that down!

Monday, December 7, 2009

makes me happy...

Mom: Buddy, do you believe in Santa Clause?

Buddy: I think I believe in Jesus.

I'm grateful for the tender heart of a 4 year old that understands what the Christmas season truly means. Of course he "still wants Santa to come visit".

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

25 random things about Aunt L'J

In her words....
#21: I had tickets to see Michael Jackson on September 21st in London, I was rather sad to hear that he had passed...luckily I have amazing family and friends who were there for me. My 4 year old nephew saw my belt buckle which is a picture of MJ and asked what happened to him, he then said said "I'm sorry you are sad, at least he is with Jesus now but I'm sorry for your loss" yes my 4 year old nephew speaks like that...he is adorable

That 4 year old would be our son. Adorable and a handful!! ;-) What a combination!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I love when this....

Looks like this in less than 10 hours!

Kenz was running through the house and caught the corner of an open chest of drawers with her noggin. The scream ended quickly... almost as quickly as the swelling began. I didn't realize a bump could swell so much and so rapidly. Maybe she has a little of her Uncle Matt (aka Wolverine) in her. The human body is an amazing thing!

Monday, August 10, 2009

First day of school!

We hadn't planned on lil' man going to school this year. So when they called a couple of weeks ago and said he'd cleared the wait list we decided to try it and see how it went. Apparently, he's much more prepared than we are! He loves his teacher and couldn't be more excited to go.

This looks staged, I know. He was trying to climb the tree but his new shoes got stuck.

There was a short pause at the door but as soon as he saw the race track he was on his way.

Pumpkin just wanted to know "where bashion go?". He wasn't in Wal-mart or at the house and he definitely wasn't in his car seat (we checked!).

OK, so It's only pre-k. In my mind he's starting his senior year! I can't believe how quickly 4 years have gone. We're so proud of you buddy. You make us laugh each day and bring such joy to our home. We love you!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

a hair "trim"...



Sunday, July 12, 2009


One of the best things about living in Georgia are the lightnin' bugs! At first Sebastian couldn't "sleep with those little guys lighting up by my window" but he's come around to watching for them every night.

Kenzie and her net....

Sebastian being tough after skinnin' his knee on a tree root...

Daddy and Kenz....

Caught 'em!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Let the fun begin!

MJ is approaching 2; all too quickly, might I add. While getting ready to meet some friends for the morning she decided to color on the couch. With lipstick. Pajamas too. Paybacks really are a bear! (thanks mom!! ;-))

So, does anyone know how to get lipstick out of leather?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm on the phone with a friend this afternoon and Mike puts Kenzie down for her nap. Not even 90 seconds later shes behind me. Can't figure out what's going so I take her back to her room and put her in the crib. 2 minutes later she's back... so I wonder in and ask Mike why he keeps getting her up. He doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about. At that moment I think... "no, surely not". Oh yes! Yes she can climb out of her crib.

Third time's a charm and she stays put and takes her nap. We go to a birthday party, have dinner, watch a show and get ready for bed. I lay her down and a minute later hear her little feet on the wood floors. This kid is killing me! She has always been such a heavenly sleeper. Put her in her bed and she goes to sleep. Very little crying involved... ever. This has put a whole new spin on things for us.

Per Mike's request I pulled out the camera to catch her in the act. Now I know this video looks a little rehearsed but it's honestly the first time we had the privilege to view her acrobatics. Love the end.... from both our kiddos!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I had a friend tell me today that she doesn't need any of this blogging non-sense because her friends already know her day to day activities. I'd like to think that I have friends out there that I don't speak with everyday but still check in every once in a while to see what we're up to. Possibly see if my kids are still so stinkin' cute they can't stand it... maybe??

Regardless, this post is for her. Hoping I get busted and she calls me out. Sure, she knows the daily mess our life sometimes becomes but I blog to document all the ridiculous things my children say. To share the things that sometimes I'm just not brave enough to share. And because I've gotten awfully lazy in my scrapbook attempts.

So, lil'man the other day asks if I will go to the booger store and get him some boogers for his nose that aren't sticky. My first first reaction is to ask why after many, many requests he still touches boogers with his fingers! I realize this is futile so I quickly move onto the next question which is "what store do you think sells boogers?". His answer is quite matter of fact: "at the comfort store on Mableton parkway". (To my knowledge this is not an actual store)

Last week this child wished for a chocolate factory and if he couldn't have one could he at least have a Charley and the Chocolate Factory birthday. Apparently we need to work on distinguishing between reality and make believe.

Then again, wish on lil'man! Wish on!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So much credit.... so little time! Don't you love when things look so great yet super easy to complete!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey Grandma...

Lil'man is on the phone with grandma so I can only hear his side of the conversation. It goes a little something like this....

"hey grandma. how was your trip?"
"we went camping in the RV but we didn't take the boat."
"cause it's filthy (pronounced filfee). those fishes licked it with their dirty tongues and now mommy has to wash it."

The real truth? The boat has been sitting in the driveway all winter long and is filthy from the elements. Oh sure, it needs a good bath but not because of dirty tongued fishes!

Monday, March 16, 2009

this old man

We're all in the car and Bas is singing this old man. We pull into the driveway, he stops singing and asks "mommy, how old is daddy?"

"he's 33 baby"


Bas begins singing again....

"this old man he played 33 he played knick-knack on daddy's RV"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

How I love my Sunbeam!

Oh how I love my sunbeam! I know it's a little fuzzy so here's the interview below. And yes, I'm orange. His favorite color.

What does your mom like to do? work on the computer

If your mom had a zillion dollars how would she spend it? be a fireman (a little surprised by this one considering the amount of shopping we do)

What does your mom look like? a bunch of crayons (personally, can't think of a single thing more beautiful! thanks buddy!)

How tall is your mom? just this big, not taller than my dad

What is your favorite thing about your mom? likes to give me breakfast and plates

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've been tagged! Mandy tagged me on her blog. Here's the game:
  1. Go to your picture folder, or wherever you store your photos.
  2. Go to the 6th folder, and select the 6th picture.
  3. Post the picture and tell the story that goes along with it.
  4. Tag your friends, then post a comment on their blog letting them know they've been tagged!

I'm relieved that the picture wasn't the under carriage of a car we're selling! Here's the picture:

I love this picture! My little girls cheeks are so kissable! She's lost some of the chunk and I still kiss her all day long. And that smile! Her brother is pulling a face... how odd! ;-) We took several pictures trying to get both to smile so we could send them to daddy who was in Atlanta working. Whenever I start to feel homesick I remember how rough it was when Mike was commuting and somehow my mood improves. We miss our family and friends but love that we get to have dad home for dinner!

Now I choose 4 friends...
  1. Ginger
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Katherine
  4. Heather


Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I had a wonderful birthday. I'm so grateful for wonderful family and friends that let me know they were thinking of me. My amazing mom came into town to watch the lil' ones while Mike and I went away for the night. We are so glad she came to play with us and the kiddos had a great time with Grandma!

Mike and I went to Helen (small German town in north Georgia) and had a good time. Mike also made my favorite chocolate cake. It's been a great weekend!

Sebastian didn't want to take his picture with me! So, not only does he wipe off my kisses but now he won't take a picture with me? Seriously! I think it had less to do with me and more to do with the camera. I hope!! ;-)

Kenzie, on the other hand, started saying cheese before dad could grab the camera! Love these kids!!